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Bitcoin est à la fois une devise monétaire et un système de paiement dans cette devise.


AudioCoin is a real currency that can be exchanged for USD, Euros, GBP, Bitcoin and other currencies. As a music fan you can earn AudioCoins by interacting with the Aurovine website and sharing music. Artists earn AudioCoins when users stream or download their music.

Make a quick dollar, or find something to spend it on.

Do you need a quick buck? Need twenty minutes of someone's time? If so, this is the subreddit for you! It's an unprofessional, quick service for jobs a bit too hard to be free, and a bit to low effort to be professional.

Nueva tarjeta sin nombre para convertir de bitcoin a euros al instante y utilizar en cualquier comercio de la red VISA a nivel mundial de forma anónima.

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Bit2me convierte tus bitcoins a euros para que los saques en más de 10.000 cajeros en España

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Bit2Me permite convertir bitcoins a euros en 10.000 cajeros en España

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A whole new kind of lightning & fiat interface through debit cards? Announcing lastbit

Soon after Satoshi made his big announcement more than a decade ago, a lot of concerns emerged pointing towards a crucial problem on his solution: scalability. Particularly since Mt. Gox, a lot started to change for Bitcoin. Out in the open, a multitude of crypto exchanges started popping up making Bitcoin and other coins easily accessible to pretty much anyone. Nevertheless, the original concerns on Satoshi’s proposal remained. In parallel and away from the spotlight, a group of passionate developers started crafting the solution to Bitcoin’s scalability problem. Today the solution is here and it’s name is the Lightning Network.
Currently, users can access for free a wide range of Bitcoin Lightning wallets. Nevertheless, instant Bitcoin payments are still far from mainstream. Most of these wallets are extremely hard to use and as such are only catered to the most experienced of users. Despite that, the future of Lightning looks bright. As of today, there are over 11K Lightning nodes out there and this number is steadily growing. Lightning’s case of becoming the solution to Bitcoin’s woes looks strong.
Holding that as a North star, we started building a solution to combine hardware level security with Lightning to enable instant Bitcoin to fiat transactions on hardware at a POS through debit card emulation.This project was overly ambitious and we quickly realized not enough people cared enough about hardware level security for payments. But the ground we covered was not in vain. During the process of building our hardware solution and talking to our beta users we came across a powerful discovery: enabling small and instant Bitcoin payments with zero fees to mainstream users via Lightning could be the way to finally make Bitcoin a widely and globally used means of payment.
During the last few years, we’ve seen titans, such as Coinbase and Binance, emerge. Undeniably, these projects have helped Bitcoin tremendously by raising awareness and making onboarding to the cryptocurrency easy and intuitive globally. Nevertheless, an equivalent figure to position Bitcoin as a globally usable currency via Lightning is yet to come.
With this in mind, we built an interoperable payments layer between Bitcoin (Lightning & On-Chain) and Euros (to start with), using payment instruments familiar to mainstream consumers, namely IBAN’s and debit cards. This means, users can move between Bitcoin and Euros in either direction, with a single interface.
This will allow users to:
-(i) Send and receive Bitcoin payments both form and to Lightning wallets and Bitcoin on-chain wallets;
-(ii) Send and receive Euro payments both from and to IBAN’s and debit cards;
-(iii) Make Bitcoin payments, both Lightning and on-chain, directly from Euro denominated IBAN’s and/or a debit cards; and
-(iv)Top-up Euro denominated debit cards directly with Bitcoin.
All of this was carefully built in response to what we heard from the community and as we mention throughout our story. We’ve dedicated the last few years of our lives and the foreseeable future to make this happen and we simply want to make it possible for more people to do things with Bitcoin.
TLDR: Lastbit is putting out a beta application that contains a single interface to Bitcoin, Lightning, Euros and debit cards. This app will allow users to move between these payment instruments in any direction they like. Get paid in Euros from a Lightning invoice? Sure. Pay Euros to a Lightning invoice? Sure. Swipe a debit card and pay for your purchase with a Lightning invoice? Sure. And more.

*We are still in beta and will soon start to roll-out in Europe
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How to withdraw money from

I'm trying to withdraw money from and I can't figure it out.
I currently have swapped bitcoin for Euros and have recipient, bankname, iban and bic. How do I transfer this money to my bank account. Do I need to swap it back to bitcoin or another crypto to withdraw?
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Hedging against bitcoin - Euro volatility for a peer2peer insurance product!! (or alternative solution)

Hello everyone!
I am working on a very interesting and exciting innovationproject at a 5 BN euro Dutch Insurance company.
We are building a facilitating platform for peer2peer disability insurance (loss of income due to accident etc.) of self-employed entrepreneurs on the bitcoin blockchain. We hired external bitcoin and blockchain developers and the first running beta is online! We got a lot of enthousiastic reactions from our managers but they remain very critical on the volatilty concern with the conversion of Euro > Bitcoin > Euro. The participants in the peer2peer construction are asked to transfer their montly premium in euro's, this is converted to bitcoin to be transferred and/or reallocated throughout the network and, in case of a valid claim by a participant, paid out in euro's. One can see the hazard in Bitcoin's volatility against Euro. Is there a possibility/construction to minimalize or to hedge against this risk? Maybe a third party?
All suggestions are very welcome
Kind regards,
Insurance nerd
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Trezor x BlockSettle

45 second video showcasing how to import your Trezor wallet and then purchase bitcoin vs Euro, where the bitcoin is delivered directly to the Trezor wallet in real-time.
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Question on Capital gains tax and Bitcoin

For the past few years I've been trading various cryptocurrencies on an exchange. I've paid my taxes for previous years, but I'm not sure if I owe any taxes this year.
Earlier this year I had a few thousand dollars on my exchange account (from last year when I sold Bitcoin for dollars, which I paid tax on), which I used to purchase some Bitcoin. My question is if I need to pay capital gains on the disposal of the dollars, or do I only need to pay tax when I sell the Bitcoin for Euros?
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Does the exchange ratio for the bitcoin change according to the service I'm using?

I understand they make you pay a fee when exchanging bitcoins for euro. However the exchanging ratio I'm looking at is already different depending on the service I'm using. I remember that luno and coinbase make you pay a fee before exchange bitcoins for euro but the exchanging ratio I've seen before exchanging with these services were already different. Why is that?
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Which money would be used after abandoning the state? How to store your wealth?

Bitcoin? Gold? Euros (as chances are low they are going to abandon states)? Or a mixture of crypto, precious metals and foreign valutas.
I'm pretty sure we find a valuta for daily purpose, but how to store your wealth? All stocks and corporate bonds?
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How to Buy Bitcoin with Euro (EUR)?
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Em Berlim, a bitcoin substitui facilmente o euro

Graefekiez, Berlim, agosto de 2013. Como todas as terças-feiras, ouvem-se, junto ao canal, os pregões característicos do mercado turco. Os berlinenses que deambulam entre as bancas deixam-se tentar pelos irresistíveis descontos de última hora. Mikaela compra um quilo de peixe – “três euros”, anuncia o pequeno reclamo – e paga em dinheiro, de mão para mão. Sem recibo, nem caixa. A transação não deixa um único traço visível, a não ser o saco cheio de peixes reluzentes que Mikaela leva consigo.
Duzentos metros mais a sul, no mesmo bairro, Brand bebe um latte macchiato, ao balcão do Floor’s Café. Quando chega a altura de pagar, Brand pega no smartphone, fotografa o flashcode que apareceu no ecrã da caixa, carrega no “OK” e vai-se embora. Também ele não deixou rasto do pagamento que fez. Ou quase. Um software transferiu dinheiro da sua conta na Internet para a conta do café e a operação está exposta na “cadeia de cifras em bloco” – o registo que lista as transações por ordem cronológica. O jovem, de 32 anos, não precisou de cartão de crédito nem de conta bancária. Os dados da transação estão a salvo na cadeia, protegidos por processos criptográficos extremamente rigorosos que impedem que qualquer pessoa tenha acesso a eles ou possa alterar o montante, a origem ou o destino.
Moedas baseadas na tecnologia da Internet
Um milagre da bitcoin, a moeda virtual que, aqui em Kreuzberg, Berlim, está a ter grande sucesso. Cerca de 25 estabelecimentos comerciais – sobretudo bares, mas também hotéis, restaurantes, pequenas lojas de eletrónica e papelarias – aceitam esta moeda, inventada em 2009 por um pirata informático anónimo, conhecido sob o nome de Satoshi Nakamoto.
Neste momento, a cotação da cripto-divisa é muito alta: uma bitcoin vale cerca de 78 euros, o que quer dizer que um café custa apenas aproximadamente 0,02 Neste momento, a cotação da cripto-divisa é muito alta: uma bitcoin vale cerca de 78 euros, o que quer dizer que um café custa apenas aproximadamente 0,02. Pelo menos no papel, é possível comprar tudo com bitcoins: casas, automóveis, computadores, roupas. Embora satisfaça todos os critérios que definem uma divisa, conforme reconheceu recentemente o juiz texano Amos Mazzant, a bitcoin escapa por completo ao controlo dos governos e dos bancos centrais, que começam a preocupar-se com a sua expansão, em aumento constante.
Sentado na sua Vespa branca, em frente do Floor’s, Brand explica em poucas palavras como funciona o sistema bitcoin. Segundo ele, é uma opção responsável, como comprar um produto biológico em vez um produto de baixo custo. Com o smartphone na mão direita, entra na aplicação EasyWallet. Depois, basta fotografar o flashcode do bar, inserir o montante necessário, carregar no OK – e o pagamento está feito. “Pago em bitcoins pelo menos duas vezes por dia: o almoço ou o café. Não sei se a bitcoin será a moeda do futuro, mas serão sem dúvida moedas baseadas na tecnologia da Internet que irão impor-se. Talvez venham a existir várias, mas tenho a impressão de que é uma evolução inexorável”, declara.
Um software e um flashcode
A proprietária do Floor’s Café chama-se Florentina Martens. Com 26 anos, esta holandesa, antiga estudante de Belas Artes em Berlim, montou a sua pequena empresa de restauração e defende e aplaude a bitcoin. Para Florentina, tudo começou com a experiência como empregada de um bar das proximidades, que autorizava os pagamentos na moeda alternativa. “Ao princípio, a coisa incomodava-me um bocado, porque não percebia muito bem como funcionava, e, quando alguém queria pagar em bitcoins, não me sentia à vontade.” Mais tarde, quando decidiu abrir o seu próprio café, deixou-se convencer por alguns vizinhos, informou-se e decidiu aceitar pagamentos nesta moeda que, não muito tempo antes, ainda associava a uma tarefa complicada. O cliente só precisa de um software e de um flashcode. Até agora, Florentina ainda não trocou bitcoins por euros. Gasta no bairro, tudo quanto ganha em moeda virtual.
No início, eram raros os clientes que pediam para pagar em bitcoins. Mas, hoje, todos os dias há alguns que as usam para pagar um café, um bolo ou uma sandes. “Não são nerds com óculos e rabo-de-cavalo. E são tantos homens como mulheres, na maioria jovens, pertencentes aos meios alternativos”, explica Florentina. Para ela, tal como para quase todos os outros “bitcoiners” entrevistados pelo Linkiesta, a principal motivação é o repúdio, que foi tomando forma sobretudo durante a crise, pelos bancos privados e pelas políticas monetárias dos bancos centrais em geral. A divisa alternativa “descentralizada” é considerada como uma coisa mais próxima dos consumidores, além de ser conforme com o espírito da época.
Não foi por acaso que esta experiência foi realizada em Graefekiez, um bairro não muito grande, que possui uma alma e uma estrutura económica próprias. A história começou no Room77, “o restaurante nos confins do capitalismo”, que, desde o início de 2012, oferece aos clientes “cerveja quente, mulheres frias e comida de fast-food servida devagar” (como afirma a inscrição por cima da porta).
Uma moeda digital
O proprietário, Joerg Platze, um alemão de origem norte-americana (o seu pai era texano), tornou-se uma espécie de evangelizador da moeda digital: graças a ele, em boa parte dos estabelecimentos comerciais do bairro, vê-se hoje um autocolante com a frase “Aceitamos bitcoins”. “Para mim, trata-se sobretudo de uma questão prática: é muito rápido e mais económico”, garante. Ao contrário, por exemplo, do cartão de crédito, a transação não envolve qualquer despesa. Joerg Platze conseguiu convencer outro tipo de estabelecimentos, como um velho eletricista, vizinho do Room77, que acaba de instalar o software e de afixar na porta o autocolante Bitcoin. Ainda não recebeu clientes adeptos da bitcoin, mas saberá o que fazer, quando estes aparecerem.
O sistema de pagamento Bitcoin ajusta-se à sua conceção de hotelaria alternativa, que se demarca voluntariamente da hotelaria tradicional Saída de uma escola de hotelaria e antiga empregada na área da restauração, Cassandra Wintgens, de 41 anos, é proprietária da casa de hóspedes “Lekkerurlaub”. O sistema de pagamento Bitcoin ajusta-se à sua conceção de hotelaria alternativa, que se demarca voluntariamente da hotelaria tradicional, com quartos a preços baixos, alimentação biológica, Wi-fi e o uso de uma moeda que não passa pelos bancos. “O nosso primeiro hóspede chegou no fim de maio. Disse que tinha lido que se podia pagar em bitcoins, e que tinha sido por isso que decidira alugar um quarto na nossa casa.” O quarto individual custa 0,52 bitcoins, ou seja, 40 euros, e o quarto duplo 0,85, ou seja, 54 euros. As faturas da casa de hóspedes preveem já o pagamento em bitcoins, que só será preciso converter, para a declaração de rendimentos do fim do ano, como explicou o contabilista do estabelecimento.
Perigo de falsificação
Contudo, fora do paraíso de Graefekiez, a realidade é um pouco diferente. A moeda virtual já circula nos mercados financeiros: a ausência de um banco central que controle a sua cotação torna-a extremamente flutuante – uma situação que, por um lado, atrai e, por outro, assusta os investidores aventureiros. A Phylax é uma empresa alemã de consultoria financeira, que oferece aos seus clientes assistência tecnológica e que, nos últimos anos, se especializou no sistema de pagamento Bitcoin. “Começámos a interessar-nos pela bitcoin faz agora dois anos e concluímos que era uma experiência atraente. Seduziu-nos a ideia de uma moeda descentralizada, sem banco central de referência, e em que cada um é parte interessada no processo de criação da nova divisa”, explica o diretor-geral da Phylax, Fridhelm Schmitt. Na altura, a bitcoin equivalia a dois euros e a Phylax pressentiu o seu potencial: a empresa comprou bitcoins a entre oito e dez euros e, mais tarde, vendeu a totalidade por entre 45 e 85 euros cada. Foi a volatilidade da cotação que motivou a venda.
Mas não é uma burla: é uma moeda real Segundo os cálculos da Phylax, atualmente, 45 euros [por uma bitcoin] seria um valor “razoável”. “Não compreendo todas as preocupações que esta experiência suscita. É verdade que, hoje, se pode perder muito dinheiro com a bitcoin [nos mercados financeiros]. Mas não é uma burla: é uma moeda real. Acontece que as pessoas confundem burla com risco, mas este é próprio dos mercados.” Para Fridhelm Schmitt, o perigo principal é, “um dia”, a bitcoin vir a ser falsificada: “Atualmente, estão em curso vários estudos sobre essa possibilidade, mas, hoje, a falsificação é impossível.”
Fonte Presseurop Portugal Texto Laura Lucchini | Valerio Bassan
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ECB must prepare to issue a digital euro and fend off competition from Bitcoin and other crypto tokens.

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[Question] Best method to convert any coin to EUR (or USD)?

What are the available options to convert any (alternative) coin to fiat money, in particular Euro? I know merely of one way. Let's say I want to cash in my Chainlink (Link) for Euro. My go-to way would be to convert Link to Bitcoin, and consequently sell Bitcoin for Euro on Coinbase. However, I'm uncertain whether this is the best way, nor do I know of any other way.

I was therefore hoping whether anyone would be so kind to please provide advice on selling alternative coins for fiat money (EUR).
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Cuando van a activar la plataforma del Saime?...

Quiero pedir y pagar la prórroga en el extranjero, con lo que sea, bitcoin, dólares, euros, bolívares, visa, mastercard, petróleo colao; pero la plataforma sigue diciendo que el sistema de pagos está fuera de servicio, lleva meses en eso.
Y como hace uno para renovar el permiso de residencia ahora?...
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Sell BTC to iDeal

how could one convert Bitcoin to Euro and deposit it into my dutch bank account?
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Again buy/store bitcoin for noobs

Hello everyone I know there's a lot of this posts out there, if you could send me to the best one or send me the best vid, blogue to follow the steps I would be appreciated.
I want to buy bitcoins using euro currency. I have bitcoin core installed on my laptop. I was using coinbase but thinking to use binance or other if you could suggest. Also using (free) VPN atm - hotspot shield I'm getting a ledger nano S from their website
What steps do I need? Also I have made one time purchase using Thor - I believe I transferred from coinbase to bitcoin core and than paid for it.
I'm a noob but I would really like to buy BTC and store it for the long term. Also would you advise me to wait for a bigger drop? Thanks a lot
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NON US exhausting withdrawal journey

Here is the thing,
I made my first $50 on mturk and quickly cash out the earnings via Amazon gift card balance which I couldn't transfer to my main account, so I bought an iTunes gift card in hopes to sell it on the Subreddit giftcardexchange or gameflip. Long story short, giftcardexchange wouldn't let me trade gift cards because my activity on Reddit is very low and gameflip was taking so long to verify my ID and needed the money asap due to college expenses. So I went and searched for HOURS and DAYS on the internet looking for a marketplace where I could trade my miserable $50 gift card (cardcash, cardpool etc) but all of them were blocked from my country (Italy). And I don't understand very much the dynamics here on Reddit so I couldn't find another giftcard exchange sub. I tried eBay, Facebook, twitter but not a single soul responded.
Finally, I found this trading website (paxful) where people quickly bought my giftcard for a bunch of what I think where nickles of bitcoins and then had to found another trader willing to exchange my nickles-bitcoins in euros.
At the end of this painful story from 45,51 ($50 in EUR) to €24 (and €21 worth of transaction fees)!!! Needless to say, I asked moms the money I needed for the college taxes that were expiring :|
If someone from Italy knows a less painful and less expensive way to trade gift cards for local currency that doesn't involve giftcardexchange or bitcoins PLEASE TEACH ME!
I will be forever grateful ahahah
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🔬 Bitcoin Price Analysis - July 29th 2020

🔬 Bitcoin Price Analysis - July 29th 2020
Bitcoin started a rally last Tuesday and is up 20% since, at the time of writing.
This week, we’ll be looking at the daily chart to make some sense of the recent parabolic run and where we could end up.
I have connected the highs of 2017 and 2019 with a purple resistance trendline and, as we can see, this trendline has already been breached. We had a successful retest of the purple trendline yesterday as the price came down to the line and was bought back up Meaning, this is the first support level where the buyers will try to protect the price from falling. The fact that it was breached and had a successful retest of support are both, potentially, extremely bullish signals as a multi-year overhead resistance has been cleared and has flipped to support.
The price has also formed a bull flag above a second strong support level at $10.4K. It is critical for the buyers to maintain the price above this level if we are to see a continued rise.
The next strong resistance coming from the weekly chart is at $11.5K. As we already had a 20% rally, the chances to have another one immediately are rather slim. It is likely that we’ll traverse sideways between $10.4K and $11.5K. If the buyers are able to keep the price above $10.4K and close a week above $11.5K, we may see another strong push higher. The possible price impulse targets for the next rally are $12K, $12.6K and $13K.
P.S. - For all traders who are trading Bitcoin on euro pairs - the dollar has weakened and the euro has gained a lot of strength, creating some confusion as to why dollar traders are enjoying higher profits on BTC. While the percentage gain is higher, their dollars now have less buying power. I would advise to keep an eye on the EURUSD currency pair to set reasonable targets based on the trend of Bitcoin and the currency of choice.
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Question about making btc transactions from EU to the US

Hi all,
I'm totally new when it comes to BitCoin. I'm EU based and I have several small-ish payments to make to some people in the US. I was looking into bitcoin to do this as other methods have sky-high fees, but I had a question.
Say I need to make a payment of 100USD to a person. He agrees to do this through bitcoin. My own currency is in euros and in order to buy bitcoin with euros, there is a conversion fee. Then I send him the bitcoin, so there will also be the transaction fee. Finally, he recieves the bitcoin but he will have to convert it back to usd. So I will have to pay for that conversion fee as well. But he needs to get his 100usd.
So, when looking from the beginning, I would need to convert enough euro to usd to make sure that, after all fees, he gets exactly 100usd? This system confuses me a bit, am I missing something?
Furthermore, I've read about Lightning Network for micro transactions. Up to how much usd is considered a microtransactions? Or does it not really matter?
Thanks in advance for any responds!
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Taxes on bitcoin

A lot has been said about it, there is a chance i should pay taxes. But what if i don't trade my bitcoin for euro's but let my wife make a painting and i buy it from her with bitcoin. Then she trades the bitcoin for euros. What's the tax situation here? She did'nt invest in bitcoin and i did'nt take my profit.
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Online money earned through marketing! What about taxes?

Hello guys,

I know this might be a topic or question that might have been asked a lot here and admins might delete it but I couldn't find any good advice or tips regarding to my question.

My situation is this: I'm a EU citizen, currently a student (21) and I do work on my free time for few different guys on a type of marketing. Basically they give me tasks and I do everything daily, with a monthly payment for all the projects I do. I also do some side work on my side, again online marketing, so I earn a decent chunk of money each month (1500 euro - 2500 euro).

Now on downside thing is that I don't get paid officially by them as an employer, I'm more like a contractor. I also get paid in cryptocurrency, Bitcoin or Ethereum. So to exchange my Bitcoin to Euro I use BitPanda exchange, where I'm verified with my ID card, so I send that money gradually in my bank account. I do transfers depending on the need, like 500 euro one week, 300 next week, or maybe 1000 euro a month to cover my expenses. I do also have a physical bank account and I use TransferWise (online sort of bank where you get free IBAN number, right now I have a Belgium IBAN but this is not the country I'm citizen off, and the also give you a debit card) as my second bank account since I do travel a lot.

Thank you for reading through all this, now my questions are:
  1. If I get around 2000 euro a month, not that regularly, do I have to report this money to someone in my country?
  2. If I spread out my money, like half in TransferWise account and a half in a physical bank, can I get flagged?
  3. How do I report this money if I'm not getting paid through a contract?
  4. What is the amount of side-income in EU that is non-taxable?
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Bitcoins a euros Bitcoins Erklärung: In nur 12 Min. Bitcoin verstehen ... Cómo comprar y vender bitcoins fácilmente: Comprar con ... Cómo CALCULAR los BITCOINS a Dolares, Euros, Pesos Mexicanos, Pesos colombianos, y otras Divisas Convertir bitcoin a Dolares o Euros

BTC EUR: Aktueller Wechselkurs von Bitcoin BTC und Euro EUR mit Chart, historischen Kursen und News auf BÖRSE ONLINE. Bitcoin (BTC/EUR) ▸ Aktueller Wechselkurs, Devisenkurs, Kurs Daten & Charts im Überblick BTC 10 EUR 109,96 k BTC 50 EUR 549,82 k Der Währungsrechner bietet eine sekundenschnelle Währungsumrechnung von Bitcoin in Euro. Urlauber in Krypto können hier Umrechnungen zu ... Wissenswertes über Bitcoins Unser Bitcoin Chart zeigt Ihnen den aktuellen Bitcoin Kurs in Euro (Kürzel: BTC und XBT) sowie die Bitcoin Kursentwicklung (Bitcoincharts).Wenn Sie Bitcoins kaufen möchten, können Sie sich hier anmelden.In unseren FAQs und in unserem Tutorial "Mein erster Bitcoin" erfahren Sie, wie Sie Bitcoins verkaufen oder kaufen können. Auf Yahoo Finanzen sehen Sie den Kursverlauf der Aktien von BTC-EUR. Sehen Sie den täglichen, wöchentlichen oder monatlichen Verlauf ab der Ausgabe der Aktien von Bitcoin EUR.

[index] [4448] [9236] [2133] [10324] [16760] [27896] [28414] [30115] [11982] [21220]

Bitcoins a euros

Ahora ya puedes transformar tus Bitcoins en Euros de una forma fácil LINK cambiar Bitcoins por euros: Si quieres más consejos ... WICHTIG: Julian behauptet NICHT, dass Bitcoin bei 100.000 im Jahr 2020 steht - dies ist lediglich eine Analyse. Auf keinen Fall solltest du nur wegen diesem ... Bitcoin für Anfänger einfach erklärt! [auf Deutsch] Bitcoin-Börse (erhalte 10€ in BTC) *📱 Sicheres Bitcoin-Wallet... Cómo comprar y vender bitcoins fácilmente: Comprar con tarjeta de crédito. Enviar a cuenta de banco para pasar a euros o dólares fácilmente. - Compra bitcoin... Pudimos convertir Bitcoins a euros mientras estábamos en las fallas en un instante varias veces. Esta fue nuestra primera vez en usar Bit2Me. Por primera vez, no me preocupa recibir o cobrar en ...