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Wanted to share a quick story of my recent trip to Paris...

Just got back from Paris and wanted to share this with everyone as I thought it was pretty cool.
While vacationing in Paris, I stumbled upon a bar in the back streets of Paris one night and I saw that they accepted ‪Bitcoin on the window. When I got inside, I ordered a beer and some other drinks and I was messaging my friend on facebook back home in Miami at the same time telling him that I was about to pay in bitcoin for some drinks I just ordered. Shortly thereafter, he responded and told me to send him the public address for the tab and he would pay for it instead. After my friend sent the btc, the bartender held up his iPad and showed everyone else sitting at the bar the confirmation on his ‪#‎blockchain‬ wallet and explained in French what had just happened; everyone freaked out and tried to wrap their heads around it. They were stunned that someone in Miami just paid for my drinks instantly while I was in Paris. The bartendeowner gave me a hug and a free shot and I was smothered in drunken high fives by the others in the bar...all of this because of a paid tab...oh and ‪‎History‬ was just made. ‪
TL;DR: Friend paid for my drinks at a bar from another country.
Pic link:
Sof's Bar in Paris:
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